Cyber Security Apps

Cyber Security Apps

iSecurity Social App is now available in App Store and Google Play.

This app was reviewed and approved by Apple and Google and is an advanced platform that provides awareness and defense against cyber-attacks.

The App offers a Social Wall where you can meet, share, learn and collaborate with your colleagues and friends on iSecurity Social App. So, you can connect with the professionals.

You get Timely information with our Real Time Cyber Security Activity Monitor which provides Up-to-date information about high-impact types of security activity affecting the community at large.

There are many features which you can check out in the App Description on App Store and Google Play Store.

The best feature which I really like is that You can Ask Questions from within the app and our Cyber Security Experts will give you the best advice. So, it is like having your own personal expert!

I Highly Recommend iSecurity Social app over any other free apps that you get, because once you download the free apps, they ask you to subscribe or pay for in app purchases to be able to do anything.

iSecurity Social has one-time promotional cost which is under $5 for limited time and includes access to all the features, and you will get free lifetime updates. Please note that the

Proceeds from the app sales will go to education, research and development and our colleagues that are impacted by downsizing due to current economic condition. I believe Together we can make a difference!

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